Sandra Bartocha - Ice Age


The winter has come … late … but very strong.

The Baltic Sea has just begun to freeze in some areas … and has covered the erratic boulders with solid ice. Winter at its best …

Location: Jasmund, Germany

Tags: baltic sea, cold, frozen water, germany, ice, jasmund, ruegen, sandra bartocha, winter

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  1. Oriol Alamany said:

    09/02/2012 10:21

    Nice landscape, and freezing cold!

  2. Maria Louisa said:

    09/02/2012 12:00

    Saw your link on FB. Breathtaking image. We are missing the cold and winter scenery here in Scotland.

  3. Theo said:

    09/02/2012 14:19

    Wow, that looks like real winter. Beautiful!

  4. David Guimaraes said:

    20/02/2012 21:46

    I fell into a dreamland, where winter paints the world of white tones, and soft textures. You are images are clearly a voyage through a world of magic and wonder... You are a storyteller with the camera on your hands... and a poet, as your Goethe, a player of colours...