Bruno D'Amicis - Unwelcoming


Wind still blows in full force and the powdery snow moves following the feature of the steep slopes. Winter in the high mountains is not short nor an easy period. I keep on looking up at the peaks thinking of when I was peacefully sitting there during the summer season.

Tags: abruzzi, apennines, bruno damicis, snow, White, winter

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  1. bushcraftercz said:

    05/02/2012 15:06

    nice post mate... thanks

  2. Sandra said:

    10/02/2012 19:11

    i'm so in love with this moving snow. it really feels amazingly cold and wild ...

  3. Max said:

    14/02/2012 00:30

    Meravigliosa... see you soon or later. Max

  4. David Guimaraes said:

    20/02/2012 21:52

    What a cold breeze that has passed by! This image is the sum of all that altitude winter is all about!