Sandra Bartocha - Melancholy Winter Day


That shot was taken on New Year’s Day 2012. A rainy and stormy day. In the afternoon we went out in order to get some fresh air and we came across that beautiful birch with leaves from last year …
In the light of the fading day I managed to get a few shots of the leaves against a dark blue background.

Location: Lancken/Granitz, Germany

Tags: birch, dusk, leaves, rain, sandra bartocha, twilight, winter

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  1. Sasha said:

    22/01/2012 22:10

    Your pictures are not banal beauty.
    Love and best wishes from Israel.

  2. judyroyalglenn said:

    23/01/2012 04:28


  3. Goiko said:

    23/01/2012 12:53

    It is highly inspiring your capacity to mix banal words to produce poetry.
    I take not of your use of a 400mm for such a motive,

  4. Suzie said:

    23/01/2012 22:11

    Absolutely stunning. The drops seem like tiny crystals. I love the colours chosen and the way you've blurred certain parts of the photo. One of the favourite photos I've seen this month. It has some sort of magic.
    Kind regards from Slovenia

  5. Sandra said:

    24/01/2012 00:02

    Thank you so much for your nice words. :)

  6. Ronald said:

    27/01/2012 13:32

    Very nice with drops on the branches.

  7. Geoff Soimpson said:

    09/02/2012 00:52

    Hi Sandra, An extremley well executed image and good vision as always. Kind regards, Geoff