Alex Mustard - Dolphin Dance


I am hoping you’ll never see this image here! Since joining NPB I’ve not actually been underwater to shoot, but am scheduled to get wet just prior to my next contribution. So hopefully I’ll have something new to share. If not its the dolphins, taken in the Bahamas. Dolphins are very quick, and the best way to photograph them is to attract them by being as interesting as possible. They love movement so the trick is to swim up and down as fast as possible (still slow to them, but more interesting than your average human). Then zap them when they come close.

Location: Bahamas

Tags: Alex Mustard, Atlantic spotted dolphins, Stenella frontalis, underwater

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  1. Sandra said:

    13/01/2012 10:57

    Like the dolphin dance and can imagine how you danced with them. What's strange though ... they don't even look like they are under water ... the seem to be dancing above the water surface. Beautiful image.

  2. Werner said:

    13/01/2012 18:19

    I agree with Sandra, just beautiful!

  3. Suzie said:

    14/01/2012 18:47

    Calming and inspiring ... An impressive photo.

  4. Margi Todors said:

    14/01/2012 22:58

    Yes, they look really like they are above the water. Nice feeling comes from your picture!

  5. canvas prints said:

    06/07/2012 16:37

    this shot is unreal, so amazingly taken, well done