Luciano Gaudenzio - Shadows on snow


Simply meeting between night and day …

Tags: luciano gaudenzio, snow, winter

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  1. João Petronilho said:

    06/01/2012 12:31

    Simple but fantastic! I can not feel the elements in my skin but I can imagine how strong it should be. I have the impression that this is a moment reserved for very few people and I will not be one of them. Thank you for sharing this moment with us!

  2. Luciano said:

    07/01/2012 11:37

    Dear Joao,
    thank's for your fantastic words but remember, sometimes things become possible and easy even when they seem so far away ....

  3. David Guimaraes said:

    12/01/2012 22:29

    Wow!! Great moment, great image! A fantastic creative vision of a winter landscape!