Bruno D'Amicis - Above everything


Despite the widespread idea of Italy as a sunny, warm country, winter is a long season here in the Italian Apennines and a layer of snow covers the highest peaks from October-November through April. On a crisp winter morning strong winds were blowing on the summit of Mt. Velino, the third highest peak in the Apennines. The unrelenting wind, the extremely cold temperatures and the barren snow landscape seemed lifeless. Still, the tiny shape of a Griffon vulture soaring in the landscape brought a spark of life back to it. And I, as usual, felt humbled by the ease that wildlife often show, even in the most challenging situations.

Tags: abruzzi, apennines, black white, bruno damicis, griffon vulture, gyps fulvus, snow, velino, winter

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  1. Alex said:

    05/01/2012 18:54

    I like it very much.


  2. Or said:

    05/01/2012 22:09

    There is one thing which is not good in my mind. Need more air at to up.

    This would be perfect then. :)

  3. Werner said:

    06/01/2012 17:05

    A picture with a very strong appeal - great work!

  4. Ronald said:

    27/01/2012 13:40

    Very nice, this bird of prey in the snowy landscape. Impressive.