Werner Bollmann - Arctic Family


Female Harp Seals utilize their teeth and claws to carve a hole into the pack ice, which they use to go into the sea and out again. So they can be relatively sure that their pup is near the place they emerge. When it is very cold and when snow is falling the holes can freeze and be covered with fresh snow. Then it can happen all of a sudden that one of your legs gets into contact with the refreshing seawater.

Location: Qu├ębec, Canada

Tags: Arctic, canada, harp seal, ice, pack ice, phoca groenlandica, seals, snow, werner bollmann

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  1. Silvia Reiche said:

    04/01/2012 14:23

    What a cute photo as they both (black and white beauty) look into your lense.

  2. Bruno said:

    05/01/2012 23:04

    WOW, that's a chubby pup! Nice moment and composition.
    From the look in their eyes, I wonder if you were dressed up as a Polar bear...;-))

  3. Werner said:

    06/01/2012 17:09

    Ha, well, I think all of us looked surprised at that moment, because when I was taking that picture I only saw the pup (not even the hole in the ice). And all of a sudden a dark head appeared. Not much time for reframing, because the mom disappeared again nearly immediately.

  4. Ronald said:

    27/01/2012 13:42

    Very nicely portrayed.