Roy Mangersnes - Dovrefjell NP


I am currently spending some time in the Dovrefjell National Park in Norway working on winter wildlife. It sure is a rough place to be at this time of the year, but this is also when you realize the magic around these animals. Here is a small group of Musk Oxen on the edge of a 1500 meter high mountain in the central part of the park.

Location: Dovrefjell

Tags: Dovrefjell, mountain, Musk Oxen, roy mangersnes, winter

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  1. Robert Wagter said:

    02/01/2012 14:50

    Hi Roy,

    Lucky you! Very nice high key picture of an impressive part of nature. Good luck with the job. Looking forward to your next item.

    Robert Wagter

  2. Mikel Bilbao said:

    02/01/2012 20:56

    Fantastic view!! It works and transmit a great feeling of space and wild. Best regards!
    Mikel Bilbao

  3. Isak Bergwall said:

    04/01/2012 03:50

    The contrast with the snow and the mountain really brings this image together! and the furballs in top left just adds to the experience :)