Werner Bollmann - Prankster


It is so obvious: They are our close relatives. When you watch the faces of the big apes you see such a variety of facial expressions which are so similar to ours – joy, fear, anger, love. It’s just wonderful to be with them in the tropical rainforest. Hopefully succeeding generations will be able to experience such moments, too!

Location: Borneo/Indonesia

Tags: ape, apes, borneo, indonesia, orang utan, pongo pygmaeus, portrait, rainforest, tropics, werner bollmann

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  1. David Guimaraes said:

    27/12/2011 21:09

    A very human look on the face of this old male! It is a very powerfull image, full of humanity and wildness! Great photo!

  2. Mikel Bilbao said:

    02/01/2012 21:08

    a fantastic wild portrait!! I like the skin details

  3. Werner said:

    03/01/2012 12:19

    Thanks guys!