Sven Začek - Too much of the good stuff


I had a chance to visit Norway last week and Roy was kind enough to show me some of the amazing landscapes. We were lucky that my visit coincided with the first snow in the mountains. Of course we went to meet it. Instead of a normal snowfall we got extreme winds and snowdrift. When the morning sun started peeking through the clouds, illuminating the foreground, the rage of mountains winds did not let up and the far away peaks were barely visible through the ongoing snowfall. What a spectacle of nature. At that time Roy developed a nice saying when I asked him had he managed to get something good. He said that there might have been too much of the good stuff to have in one picture. Very true!

Location: Norway.

Tags: blizzard, first snow, ice, mountains, Norway, strong wind, sven zacek

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  1. Werner said:

    18/12/2011 14:33

    Yes, this is absolutely correct - reduce to the max ;)
    But this one is great!

  2. Roy Mangersnes said:

    18/12/2011 20:38

    It was a pleasure having you over. And yes it bugs me that I was crawling around somewhere else when this scene appeared :-)

  3. Kolbjorn said:

    18/12/2011 20:59

    great winter scene, you were lucky to see a glimpse of the sun on your visit, we have had little of that over the last month or two, nice picture

  4. Thorstein Kleppe Berg said:

    08/01/2012 07:41

    Love the light here.