Roy Mangersnes - Horned owl


So far this autumn/winter has been extremely windy and wet in the south western part of Norway. During these times I find myself searching through the images from better days. Like two years ago, when the snow was falling and we had several Horned Owls wintering nearby. There is still several weeks of winter ahead. I hope that we willl get some snow…

Location: Rogaland, Norway

Tags: Horned Owl, roy mangersnes

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  1. ricard said:

    17/12/2011 10:54

    Very nice picture!

  2. Werner said:

    17/12/2011 19:21

    A peaceful moment - very nice!

  3. Kolbjorn said:

    18/12/2011 19:42

    This sure is a great photo Roy, very nice

  4. Suzie said:

    09/01/2012 09:54

    Magnificent. And all that snow on its head! Cooooold.