Sandra Bartocha - Enchanted Forest


This detail of a mixed forest is taken in a very small patch of forest in the Müritz National Park. Each year in November I make a short visit to that place. It always seems very chaotic … full of different structures … grasses … small and large trees … and at first sight very hard to come by photographically. But after a while … lines align themselves in my viewfinder and colours begin to play. When the blue hour starts to join in … the scene transforms into a fairy tale.

Location: Goldenbaum, Germany

Tags: autumn, beeches, birches, blue hour, fall, fall colour, forest, mixed forest, pines, sandra bartocha

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  1. Emmanuel said:

    09/12/2011 08:43

    Like the way you transcend common scenes in real paintings with your art of double exposure.
    It illustrates perfectly for me the difference between to make photos and to be a photographer.
    Go on on the creative line Sandra ;-)

  2. Geir Ole said:

    09/12/2011 11:54

    Beautiful painting Sandra :)

  3. Jost Stergarsek said:

    09/12/2011 13:23

    Looking at your image(s) it's easy to fall in love with nature ... by the way, did you meet any Sprites? :)

  4. Sandra said:

    09/12/2011 13:38

    @ jost
    no, not yet. but there was definitly something in the air. ;-)
    @ all
    thanks. :))

  5. David Guimaraes said:

    10/12/2011 20:04

    What to say?! How to express each feeling, each emotion that erupts every time I see this photo?!...
    Its not easy... A dream, a poem, an epic and raw nature.
    A image enormous as the world!

  6. João Petronilho said:

    11/12/2011 01:05

    There is a land beyond the known world, where magic flows a torrent of emotions and senses, has long been forgotten by humans. Behind every tree there is a colored halo that fills an empty space and into a realm of light and color where many of us want to live and dream. This land is here on our planet and is full of surprises. But few have the talent to open and display in all its splendor. Without doubt, a magnificent view of the enchanted forest! Thank you for your visions!

  7. Sharon said:

    11/12/2011 02:08

    This is very beautiful and so well done.


  8. Sandra said:

    11/12/2011 12:04

    @ david and joão
    thank you guys so much. i love, love, love to read your comments. they are always so poetic. i wish i could write like that.
    @ sharon
    many thanks to you too. nice to see you here as well.

  9. Theo said:

    11/12/2011 21:57

    Enchanting it is, the double exposure works well again! But I am not sure if this one would make it into "my 10 favourite shots of Sandra" collection. I wonder why myself. Maybe it is the little green tree in the corner that is slightly disturbing for my taste. And of course because you have too many other gorgeous pictures ;-)

  10. Sandra said:

    12/12/2011 14:25

    yeah ... that little tree ... i know ... one the one hand i like its colour ... on the other hand ... it's just at the wrong place. ;-)
    i'd be interested in that 10 favourite list. :))

  11. Roy Mangersnes said:

    12/12/2011 18:44

    It looks like a Sitka Spruce, i.e. an invasive species from North America. You can just cut it down ;-) I enjoy the warm/cold tones and a very nice color combination in the picture.

  12. uge said:

    13/12/2011 14:59

    me parece poesia todo lo que haces, una obra de sueño.