Sven Začek - The power of wings


Large birds can be quite slow while accelerating, but man are they powerful. It is an amazing sight to see an Osprey swooping down to catch fish. Then after soaking in the water for a couple of seconds, using the time to secure its grip on prey, the lift-off can be even more amazing, because all the feathers are wet and the osprey might be carrying a fish which weighs as much as himself. I wish I was that strong, then I could go for hikes lasting weeks and bring all thelenses and food I would ever need.

Location: Finland

Tags: kalakotkas, osprey, pandion haliaetus, sven zacek, wings

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  1. Geir Ole said:

    19/11/2011 00:31

    A delicat power and a beautiful image :) I love this kind of picture - but I would have liked to see the eye of the bird!