Roy Mangersnes - white in black


I was really surprised to find the Grey Seals breeding no more than 7 kilometers from my home town in Norway. Meeting the white pup, only days old, on beaten rocks just of the coast of the oil capitol of Norway was an amazing experience. Since then I have published a book on these islands and the animals living there, and I have been monitoring their activity since. Now is the time to venture out and search for them again. Can’t wait to see how they are doing.

Location: Norway

Tags: Grey Seal, Norway, pup, Rogaland, roy mangersnes

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  1. Jost Stergarsek said:

    18/11/2011 12:04

    I like the contrast between the dark shadow of a beach and soft pearly fur of this innocent-eyed child!
    I admire how the tenderness and softenss can endure the hardest conditions elements can brew ... and I see this in your image.