Jaak Põder - Photographer’s friend


If any wild bird in our area deserves the title “photographer’s friend”, red-necked phalarope is the one. If you are willing to get into the water, they tolerate you to the point that they can bump into you when they do their swimming circles. Moving around is also not a problem and you can be pretty sure that if there is some nice light coming, you have a model to use it with.

P.S. As we have no NEWS section (yet) here is also some news I need to tell. One bad and one good. The bad news is that Serkan Gûnes has decided to leave NPB. We greatly appreciate his contribution and the lovely moments he shared with us through his photography in NPB. The good news is that Alex Mustard has joined NPB so there is still 15 of us to bring you a fresh pic every day.

Location: Estonia

Tags: jaak poder, phalaropus lobatus, red necked phalarope, veetallaja

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  1. Sven Zacek said:

    19/12/2011 12:06

    The light does not get better than this. But it is very hard to find a subject that is willing to pose during these magic minutes. When taking landscape pictures it is not a problem, but when working with birds or mammals, then they usually tend to dissappear ro do something that cannot be photographed.