Sandra Bartocha - Birch Leaves


Sometimes I ask myself how I suceed in finding images. Few of my photos are a result of detailed previous planning. Of course I have the idea what I’m trying to convey … but most of the times it is something unexpected that captures my interest … and be it a small yellow birch leaf that I see in the corner of my eyes. To use the situation wisely and to know what the camera is doing is key in such situations.

Location: Goldenbaum, Germany

Tags: autumn, birch, branches, fall, leaves, sandra bartocha, White

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  1. Marc Hesse said:

    09/11/2011 13:29

    Like it!

  2. Werner said:

    09/11/2011 14:53

    Me too!

  3. susann said:

    09/11/2011 17:29

    me too!
    who else? :)

  4. Andrew George said:

    09/11/2011 19:20

    me too! :))

  5. Andrew George said:

    09/11/2011 19:21

    same goes for the way I photograph :)

  6. Sandra said:

    09/11/2011 20:08


  7. David Guimaraes said:

    09/11/2011 22:29

    You are a demon with the camera on your hands... If you create your images without planning, just taking the best of what the moments gives you... You are surely ou of this world! Great, great image!

  8. João Petronilho said:

    11/11/2011 01:01

    Another great picture comming from you. Unexpected, beautiful and balanced. In other words "in". Congratulations!