Stian Holmen - Seagull


Memories from an warm summer evening… Playing with seagulls and slow shutter-speed. I often use 1/50 -1/10 sec, and sometimes slower. Difficult but very exiting. Like this one, what do you think?

Location: Flatanger

Tags: seagull, stian holmen

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  1. Werner said:

    07/11/2011 11:09

    Hi Stian, I like the light in the right part of the image very much and I love the blurred wings. But the "double head" irritates me a little bit. What do you think?

  2. Frederik said:

    07/11/2011 20:38

    As Stated by Werner, the composition of the image is great, only the double head is a bit funny.
    I would prefer only the wings blurred or a long streak of bird ;-)

  3. Stian Holmen said:

    08/11/2011 08:46

    I agree Werner...the double head is the weak part of the image. Some like it and some don´t. I don´t know actually:-) The golden light stripes in the dark sea makes the picture for me, but the seagull have to be there. I have to work with this setting next summer i think. Try different shutter speed.

  4. Werner said:

    08/11/2011 09:42

    And I'm sure you will succeed!

  5. Andrew George said:

    08/11/2011 19:10

    Hmmm the double head doesn't bother me actually. I like it as is. But it's always good to try and shoot some more experiments, but it will always be different :)

  6. David Guimaraes said:

    09/11/2011 22:19

    A very graphic image, although the double head doesn t bothers me I think that the lashes of light reflected on the water on the right enhances even more the sensation of movement created by the panning! Great shot!

  7. Bruno said:

    03/12/2011 21:07

    You're a master of such subdued lights, Stian. I feel very inspired by your work andI am sure you would succeed in getting perfection here! Yes, the double head is disturbing a little.