Luciano Gaudenzio - Wating


High, on the peaks above 2000 meters, all is silent now, the colors are off, it seems there is no life, everything, now, is waiting for.
Are days of suffering for the old spirit of the larch, whispered to me, while I was with him, trying to catch the details of the ice that covered it.
Now the wait is no longer, the snow cover its wounds and finally can rest quiet….

Tags: alps, autumn, dolomiti, friulane, larch, luciano gaudenzio

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  1. Werner said:

    06/11/2011 12:04

    Courageous composition, supporting effect - simply great photography!

  2. David Guimaraes said:

    06/11/2011 19:36

    As Werner said it is a very courageous composition but I also would like to add the poetical insight on this image. It sounds like an Haiku, simple but so powerfull that overwhelms those who listen, who sees! An haiku to late Autumn! Congratulations!

  3. roberto cattini said:

    07/11/2011 10:36

    A stunning image! I love the composition and the effect you obtained converting in B/W. I can smell the wood and hear the sound of silence. Well done Luciano!
    Roberto Cattini

  4. Luciano Gaudenzio said:

    08/11/2011 21:32

    Thank's Werner, David and Roberto!
    now it's sure, he is quiet, in this moment snowing strong ...

  5. Sven Zacek said:

    19/12/2011 11:06

    This is such a special moment in nature when you get this extremely thin layer of fresh snow. I love it and you have captured it here well creating a ghostly feel.

  6. maría said:

    25/07/2012 17:42

    Buf!!!. :))). Me encanta!!. Onírica total. Me encanta como has sacado toda ese mundo que "encerraba" la toma