Sven Začek - Calling on a spiderweb


I was taking landscapes in a bog when I noticed this sandpiper calling. I thought she must have young somewhere and is trying to lure me away. I didn’t mind that and happily followed her. Even though I did not get any great landscapes that morning I am quite happy with this picture of her calling on a dead pine tree just above a nice spiderweb. This really is a photo for larger viewing 🙂

Location: Estonia

Tags: estonia, mudatilder, sven zacek, Tringa glareola, wood sandpiper

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  1. Luciano Gaudenzio said:

    08/11/2011 21:45

    Hello Sven,
    I understand, although more often, happens to me the opposite.. :)
    I love the picture, is delicate but at same time, transmits all the nervousness of the subject...
    I see, from technical dates, that you used 1.600 it true that with all those mpx, the D3x has problems of vibrations with long lenses?

  2. Sven Zacek said:

    19/12/2011 11:04

    No, I would not say that. The problem that the pixels create is in called diffraction and becomes appearent in landscape photos. With 24 MP I do not want to stop down more than F9 of F10, because the photo will not be as sharp anymore. Of course it is still extremely sharp and probably has mroe detail than otehr cameras, but when compared from files at F8 or F9 from the same camera I can notice the slight drop in detail sharpness. When using the ebst camera I want the best quality photos I can have. So I have to use F9 for my landscapes, which means not enough depth of field for photos with strong foreground. So I have to use Tilt-shift lenses to get everything sharp and be able to use a large aperture like F8 or F9.