Luciano Gaudenzio - The breath of autumn


The breath of a high mountain meadow in a warm autumn sunlight of the morning

Tags: alps, autumn, birch, dolomiti, friulane, luciano gaudenzio

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  1. Sandra said:

    31/10/2011 18:32

    this is stunning ...!
    love the perspective.

  2. Interesting Pictures said:

    31/10/2011 19:17

    awesome shot

  3. Frederik said:

    31/10/2011 19:43

    I just love te flares!
    Never thought of putting them in the foreground.

  4. Andrew George said:

    31/10/2011 19:49

    Great atmosphere/light and creative use of the DOF!

  5. Kolbjorn said:

    01/11/2011 22:06

    creative shot, beautiful colours and light

  6. Werner said:

    03/11/2011 17:46

    Simply great!

  7. Bruno said:

    04/11/2011 09:40

    You are always a genius. Very beautiful and different!

  8. Theo said:

    05/11/2011 23:08

    What a perfect impression of a beautiful autumn morning, well done.

  9. Luciano Gaudenzio said:

    08/11/2011 21:49

    thank's, thank's all, a lot!
    Sandra, you're right, the perspective, I had great difficulty in finding it....