Jaak Põder - This is not a singing bird


Common earwig was probably the most feared bug in my childhood. The urban myth that earwig, given a chance, will crawl into one’s ear, cut the eardrum and lay it’s eggs in the brain scared the hell out of us. Of course we did not know at that time that earwigs are not parasitic and rather lay their eggs under the stones.

Location: Estonia

Tags: bug, common earwig, Dermaptera, Forficula auricularia, insect, jaak poder, summer

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  1. Linda said:

    22/10/2011 10:07

    this is what my world looks like today. what a great joy to wake up to!

  2. Rob Jordan said:

    23/10/2011 15:44

    As a child we had the same myth in England - just goes to show that childhood is the same everywhere - love the light in this image

  3. Theo said:

    24/10/2011 11:24

    Funny picture, funny title. I also believed this story and I am glad you told me it is not true ;-)

  4. Jaak Põder said:

    25/10/2011 19:03

    :) @ Rob & Theo.

    For me the interesting thing is that at Soviet times, where my childhood was, the myths were the same, but if you read the news...

    Top NPB tip for PR-people -- if you want to create a cross-platform-message, make it an urban myth :-).

  5. Sven Zacek said:

    19/12/2011 10:48

    I also heard and believed that story. Naturally, whenever I, or any of my playmates found an earwing, we stepped on it and ran away thinking there might be others around.