Luciano Gaudenzio - Twins falls


A glimpse of a wild place in Friuli’s Dolomites, a small waterfall in Val d’Inferno (Hell’s Valley)

Tags: alps, autumn, bw, dolomiti, falls, friulane, luciano gaudenzio, water

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  1. Ben said:

    21/10/2011 11:50

    Looks great in b/w. very nice contrast and good build up.

  2. Werner said:

    21/10/2011 12:15

    Mystic and beautiful - very good!

  3. Theo said:

    24/10/2011 11:26

    Very nice in black and white, I especially love the structures in the water.

  4. Sandra said:

    24/10/2011 12:24

    Yeah, the structures in the water are amzing. Love the layers and the different sections of the image.

  5. Geir Ole said:

    25/10/2011 23:27

    Very nice :)

  6. Andrew George said:

    29/10/2011 22:23

    Great B&W conversion. Most of the times you see smooth water, but I like the fact you thought this one through!