Roy Mangersnes - Swoop of the sea scavenger


Well, now it is official, at least some of it is. I was lucky to get awarded second year in a row in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year. The official award cerimony will be held on Wednesday evening, but the commended images have already been published on the competition website. My image this year is showing a White-tailed Eagle swooping down to grab a fish from the fjord surface in Flatanger, Norway. Tens of thousands of images are taken every year of these birds at this brilliant site. Therefore I feel even more proud to be awarded for an image of this magnificent bird of prey. I will also use this opertunity to congatulate my fellow photographers in the NPB, Sven and Sandra, also being awarded in the WPOTY 2011. See all the commended images on the link below. The winning images will be announced shortly. [Link to the commended images.](

Location: Norway

Tags: Roy Mangersnes BBC, white-tailed eagle

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  1. Jaak P├Áder said:

    17/10/2011 09:49

    Congrats Roy, Sven and Sandra!

  2. Jost Stergarsek said:

    17/10/2011 09:56

    Nature's beauty and amazing designs leave me speechless many times ... and so does your photograph!

  3. Kolbjorn said:

    17/10/2011 10:06

    Congrats Roy, fantastic picture

  4. Sandra said:

    18/10/2011 01:05

    Thanks Roy. And congratulations to you too. :))

  5. David Guimaraes said:

    18/10/2011 21:11

    Congratulations Roy! Your efforts have payed off!

  6. Meelis Kivirand said:

    19/10/2011 21:39

    The great picture got the deserved recognition. Congratulations!

  7. photos@woollypigs said:

    20/10/2011 15:09

    wow is all I can say

  8. Bruno said:

    24/10/2011 15:15

    Congrats, Roy.And to all the other great winning images made by Sven and Sandra. It was a real pleasure to meet you

  9. Andrew George said:

    29/10/2011 23:49

    Congrats Roy! I really like the "out of the box" effect here!

  10. Sven Zacek said:

    19/12/2011 10:27

    Sorry for the late congratulations! I think the ability to take a different and a fresh photo from a situations many photographers have been in, really shows the quality of the photographer. You have done it here and really deserve the recognition!