Theo Bosboom - Perfectly calm


A lot of nature photographers will maybe recognize this: the weather forecast is very promising, a cold night and a high humidity, so most probably a foggy morning! I have gathered my gear and have set the alarm because I intend to get up very early, which means the night will be short and it is necessary that I fall asleep soon. But it doesn’t work, I am nervous and restless and can’t sleep at all! When the alarm finally goes, it feels very unnatural to get up, cause I am still tired, it is completely dark and cold and the bed is nice and warm. I hesitate a moment, but than the adrenaline gets me going and after a short breakfast I get in the car and drive to a moorland area with some nice fens. It is windstill and beautiful and I know I did the right thing to come here. And than finally, after I found a good spot and after the first clicks of the camera, I start to relax,feel calm and happy and am fully able to enjoy the wonderful morning.

Location: Hatertse vennen, NIjmegen, Holland

Tags: calm, fog, Hatertse vennen, Holland, Landscape, misty, morning, Overasseltse vennen, panorama, Theo Bosboom

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  1. Andrew George said:

    11/10/2011 09:05

    Very recognizable Theo! But like always these are the best mornings usually and you (and we) will enjoy a life time of this photo :).

  2. Sandra said:

    11/10/2011 09:39

    soooo beautiful! love the delicate tones and structures.

  3. Andrew George said:

    11/10/2011 16:27

    Ow just one question: Did you use a panoramic ballhead or just a regular one? and stitched in PS?

  4. Theo said:

    11/10/2011 18:54

    Hi Andrew, the pictures were made with a tilt/shift lens from Canon. This means you don't have to adjust your ballhead, just shift the lens left and right. Advantage is that you easily get a perfect stitch, without perspective problems. The stitching was done in PS3.

  5. Andrew George said:

    11/10/2011 20:57

    Thanks Theo, that's pretty cool :)

  6. Geir Ole said:

    11/10/2011 22:39

    Absolutely recognizable :) But I will always love the morning and the possibilities they give me.
    Love the picture!

  7. photos@woollypigs said:

    20/10/2011 15:11

    beautiful, I love it when I see morning like this while camping.

  8. Andy said:

    23/10/2011 20:49

    You did the right thing to get up and out!
    Amazing picture!

  9. Sven Zacek said:

    19/12/2011 10:19

    Very very familiar story. It is just so annoying that the more you need to sleep the less you will get it. I remember only a handful of mornings when a bed would have been the better choice. More often than not the early wakeup is all worth it.