Stian Holmen - Reindeer


Location: Spitsbergen

Tags: Arctic, deer, reindeer, stian holmen

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  1. Silvia Reiche said:

    07/10/2011 09:33

    Wow....I like this very much; beautiful composition, black/white and of course the deer. Great shot!

  2. Werner said:

    07/10/2011 10:04

    Great shot! Can't wait to see your show at the GDT festival in Lünen!

  3. Sven Zacek said:

    07/10/2011 10:21

    The nice reindeer has lowered its head to fit into your composition :)

  4. Kolbjorn said:

    07/10/2011 12:56

    cool shot

  5. Geir Ole said:

    07/10/2011 20:02

    Really great photographer work, Stian :)

  6. João Petronilho said:

    08/10/2011 00:49

    Great picture, with a beautiful composition and uncommon light. A magic scene!!!

  7. Theo said:

    08/10/2011 22:03

    Cool picture, I like it a lot!

  8. Stian Holmen said:

    13/10/2011 09:53

    Hello, and thank you all:-)

    Look forward to the GDT festival, exiting.

  9. Andrew George said:

    29/10/2011 22:25

    Thanks for your great show at the GDT festival. I'm amazed you just started out in 2007?! I like the fact that you point out to the story behind your work in think about how to raise awareness (conservation)!