Sven Začek - Moist morning


Autumn mornings are filled with moisture and mist. That is what pushes me to get up while it is still dark and gather my cameras and head out in search of something to photograph.

Location: Estonia

Tags: bog, huulhein, raba, sundew, sven zacek

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  1. Andrew George said:

    18/09/2011 09:48

    Nice Sven. I did exactly the same :), but unfortunately there is hardly any mist here in early autumn this year. Without the dew is the sundew less covered with the droplets the plant produces itself? My experience is yes, but there always should be droplets on the sundew to catch the wildlife. Maybe it's less covered without the dew?

  2. Judy said:

    19/09/2011 05:09

    Beautiful pic! Bet you are glad you pushed yourself to get our early!!

  3. Jaak Põder said:

    24/09/2011 20:50

    Andrew, sundew is almost the same, but the rest are dry :-). Hence the name I guess -- sunDEW.

    The pic has nice late summer/early morning tonality and feeling to it -- worth listening to your alarm clock.

  4. Andrew George said:

    26/09/2011 15:37

    Ofcourse I understand Jaak, but my experience with "extra" dew the droplets and sundew looks even better.