Heike Odermatt - Ruska Eika


Last week I was photographing the Ruska Eika in Finnish Lapland. The weather was not so good for beautyfull colors, it was too warm. When I came to the river I saw some colored leaves from the beeches lying in the water.
With a long shuttertime I created these patterns with water and leaves.

Location: Lapland

Tags: autumn, beech, color, Eika, finland, Heike Odermatt, lapland, leave, river, Ruska, water

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  1. Werner said:

    14/09/2011 11:22

    Just beautiful!!!

  2. Barney Wilczak said:

    14/09/2011 13:32

    Hi Heike, stunning as usual!

  3. Silvia Reiche said:

    14/09/2011 19:40

    I like it very very much!

  4. Andrew George said:

    18/09/2011 09:52

    Stunning Heike! I hope for the same thing in The Netherlands or otherwise Belgium :)

  5. David Guimaraes said:

    24/09/2011 21:06

    Great combination of inspiration, technique and the will to poetise with an image! A dream Image, a great photo!

  6. Sven Zacek said:

    03/10/2011 22:39

    I think you meant "Ruska aika", which is the saying for autumn colors in Finnish. You have a great eye for such abstract compositions.

  7. João Petronilho said:

    09/10/2011 18:11

    A long exposure different than usual. An image that transmits calmness and serenity. I like the stillness of the leaves under water in contrast to the current flowing. A great moment in nature!