Iñaki Relanzón - Weaver


This Nelicourvi Weaver (Ploceus nelicourvi) was fliing inside the nest every five minuts. I decided to wait the mail and female and focus my camera in the nest. As long as the place was inside the rainforest, light was so dawn, and my camera shoot with a slow speed.

Location: Madagascar

Tags: Bird, fly, Inaki Relanzon, Madagascar, nest, Weaver, yellow

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  1. ricard ribas said:

    12/09/2011 16:14


  2. santi palacio said:

    14/09/2011 17:49

    Com sempre, donant nivell al blog !!

  3. Sven Zacek said:

    03/10/2011 22:36

    If you work with a certain subject for a longer period you strart to see stuff that you might miss on the first and second days. This is exactly such a picture.