Sandra Bartocha - Stormy Sea


My recent shortrip to the Baltic Sea revealed a stormy sky and a stormy sea …
As I have been working with “water” and “stones” quite a lot and I’m a little tired of these images … I tried another perspective and chose a small aperture of 2.8 with my magical Meier Görlitz lens … and focused on the impressive waves.

Location: Rügen, Germany

Tags: abstract, baltic sea, sandra bartocha, water, wave

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  1. Andy said:

    09/09/2011 17:58

    Very well done! Impressive picture!

  2. Theo said:

    24/09/2011 12:12

    It works for me, very nice Sandra.

  3. Sven Zacek said:

    03/10/2011 22:32

    Great perspective! I hope you stayed dry. What is the benefit of using such a lens say compared to a 70-200mm F2,8 lens @ 100mm setting?

  4. Sandra said:

    04/10/2011 09:40

    I stayed almost dry. :)
    The lens is a very simple two glass lens that has massive optical problems - soft rendition, chromatic aberation and halos - whatever you wish for. :)
    The advantage in this case is, that it gives the scene a more dreamy appearance and I usually like the colour shift. :))
    Remember the liverleafs you used for Lofo ... with the light beam ... these strange things happen with that lens ... you never know exactly what the outcome will be.

  5. Claudio Pia said:

    30/11/2011 11:24

    I like a lot this dynamis and angle of view!