Sven Začek - The End of Wild Land


I am flying over the river of Suur-Emajõgi and its surrounding forests. The river is covered by a blanket of fog. When I get to the edge of the forest I can see the land people have made their own, to suit their needs. From above these two types of land can be very clearly identified. They are both beautiful but in a different sense.

Location: Estonia

Tags: aerial photography, estonia, fog, sunrise, sven zacek, tartumaa

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  1. Roy said:

    03/09/2011 16:54

    I just love your arial shots Sven - very inspiring!

  2. Kolbjorn said:

    04/09/2011 14:53

    what a landscape, with the fog, nicely colored by the sun and scattered all over, the river looks like it's flooding the forest, lot's of details, a study

  3. Jaak Põder said:

    05/09/2011 13:24

    This a shot of mystery. A lot can be seen, but a lot is hidden by the cotton candy... sorry, fog. Makes me want to take a bite from this candy though.

  4. Andrew George said:

    18/09/2011 09:56

    on top of the world :)

  5. Anod said:

    05/01/2017 04:15

    wow...beautiful capture.