Roy Mangersnes - Leopard Seal


One of my best trips ever, and also one of my best encounters. This large Leopard Seal was patrolling the shores along the Antarctic mainland. The Gentoo Penguins were really nervous on the beach as they knew the large predator was close by. The seal on the other hand showed more interest in our Zodiak and came as close as 30 cm from me. Unfortunately I was looking elsewhere, trying to spot it. This image showing the animal in its own habitat is one of my favorite from the trip. I wonder if I can ever afford to go back?

Location: Neco Harbour, Antarctica

Tags: Antarctica, Hydrurga leptonyx, Leopard Seal, roy mangersnes

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  1. Kolbjorn said:

    04/09/2011 01:06

    This sure is a nice photo. Getting this close to the leopard seal, with the ice as background must, some experience, real nice

  2. Werner said:

    04/09/2011 12:57

    A mystic image, even a little bit scary. Must have been a very special situation for you!

  3. Sven Zacek said:

    03/10/2011 19:33

    Oh yes! The low clouds in the background emphasize the mystery of this encounter.