Jaak Põder - ‘See brother, that’s where I’m going to fly when I grow up’


1st of September — the day when school starts again. It was absolutely the best time for dreaming of becoming an astronaut or the most proficient detective in the world or…

Location: Estonia

Tags: birds, chicks, evening, jaak poder, kajakas, Larus canus, lind, sea, seagull, summer, water

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  1. Luciano said:

    01/09/2011 09:44

    Great Jaak!

    absolutly one of most poetic shots I've ever seen...bravissssimo!

  2. Werner said:

    01/09/2011 10:28

    How cute - a very unusual and very emotional shot. Great work!

  3. Sandra said:

    01/09/2011 13:07

    Love it! It's so touching.

  4. Judy said:

    01/09/2011 16:26

    That is so neat! Love their knobby knees:)

  5. Kolbjorn said:

    04/09/2011 11:17

    what a cute shot, and the text that comes with it, strong backlight but still lot's of details, lovely

  6. Andy said:

    08/09/2011 22:39

    This is just great!!

  7. Marju said:

    28/09/2011 15:42

    Great shot and he title reminds me some cute and funny cartoon.. Love those hairy creatures!

  8. Sven Zacek said:

    03/10/2011 19:33

    There are some photos that stand out immediately after capture and also tend to get even better age.