Heike Odermatt - Magellanic Penguins


I like the different characters of the penguins. Magellanic penguins are mostly in groups on the beach. When one starts running, the others runs with him. Sometimes you see them run away for the water that comes ashore. This is one of those moments they run a little bit and come back again … and run away and come back again … until one has the courage to go into the water, then the others go with him.

Location: Falkland Islands

Tags: Falkland Island, Heike Odermatt, Magellanic Penguin, run, running, Volunteer Point

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  1. Trond Westby said:

    30/08/2011 01:15

    I love this image. Well done!

  2. Alex said:

    30/08/2011 21:54

    They are really funny.
    Ze zijn echt grappig ;-)

    LG, Alex

  3. Werner said:

    31/08/2011 15:03

    Great higk-key with a lot of movement. Nice shot!

  4. Sven Zacek said:

    03/10/2011 19:47

    I love black and white subjects and when the weather is also right you can use overexposure very creatively like Heike here.

  5. João Petronilho said:

    09/10/2011 18:18

    A graphically well done image.