Luciano Gaudenzio - Meduna River


One of the wildest and little-known views of the Dolomites Friulane, the Meduna River.

Tags: alps, dolomiti, friulane, italy, luciano gaudenzio

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  1. Bruno said:

    21/08/2011 13:42

    Wow, Luciano that place goes in my list of top burial sites for my afterlife!... What a wonderful view, so wild! When do you take me there??? ;-) In the meanwhile, I look forward to the book...

  2. Geir Ole said:

    21/08/2011 14:28

    Nice. A lot of possibilities there :)

  3. steffen said:

    23/08/2011 18:18

    great colors in the river.

  4. marc said:

    04/09/2011 13:16

    Very nice picture! When will be back online?