Roy Mangersnes - Arctic night


Sometimes I get this connection with my subject and I just can’t stop shooting. I found this Arctic Fox near Longyear on Spitsbergen around 8 in the evening and started working. By spending time with the subject you will start getting ever more bold and creative. When the sun set and I had done my silhouettes, I put on the 14-24mm and a flash and continued working into the night. When I left at 11:45 it was only because my stomach was screaming for some food. It had been a while since lunchtime…

Location: Spitsbergen, Norway

Tags: Arctic Fox, Norway, roy mangersnes, spitsbergen, svalbard

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  1. Sven Zacek said:

    19/08/2011 12:37

    Nice evening mood with the dark blue clouds. I also like the vegetation and the sniffing pose of the fox.

  2. anemeth said:

    31/08/2011 22:37

    Perfect, Roy! I call that time: consumed-by-the-moment. Many more to come!

  3. Roy said:

    03/09/2011 16:55

    Thanks you guys! Glad you like the picture. It was indeed a "consumed-by-the-moment" moment :-)