Emmanuel Boitier - La Chaine des Puys


The Chaîne des Puys is a collection of about 50 volcanoes, located in central France. It is a north-south chain of cones, lava domes, maars and explosion craters. The name of the range comes from a French term, puy, that refers to a volcanic mountain with a rounded profile.
This year, the local authorities propose its candidacy to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Location: Auvergne, France

Tags: cloud, Emmanuel Boitier, france, Landscape, mountain, Volcano

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  1. Kolbjorn said:

    16/08/2011 20:56

    Keep coming back to this picture, what a landscape, lovely light, did you take this from a mountain top, special area this, very nice indeed

  2. Emmanuel Boitier said:

    27/08/2011 11:59

    You are right: I was on the highest summit of the chain. It is the 'puy de Dôme', 1465 asl, looking to the North. Many thanks!