Meelis Kivirand - Last journey


On one of my kayak trips close to an islet I spotted a seagull hardly showing any sign of life but still moving its head. The legs were stretched towards the sky. Slight breeze made the seagull drift further away from the islet. I couldn’t tell what had triggered this behaviour but to me it seemed like the last journey.

Location: Estonia

Tags: argentatus, baltic, Gull, herring, h├Ábekajakas, larus, meelis kivirand, sea

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  1. Theo said:

    08/08/2011 14:28

    Really interesting picture. Last journey or not, it looks calm and peaceful!

  2. Bruno said:

    08/08/2011 19:58

    I second Theo. It reminds me somehow of a viking funeral, with the burning ship and that kind of stuff... Anyway, I find it a very gentle image.

  3. JoeMezz said:

    10/08/2011 07:26

    Soooo sad

  4. Knut-Sverre Horn said:

    10/08/2011 23:55

    Very good indeed, but I don't quite agree wit Theo:
    The scene is very peaceful in itself, but I think the composition -with the gull slightly off to the right - gives an uneasy feeling and adds some drama to the picture.

  5. Sven Zacek said:

    14/08/2011 15:27

    Definately a great capture of a rarely seen moment. The weather has also been great and moody. However, there is one more possible explanation. I rememeber 4 years ago I witnessed a White-tailed Sea Eagle attacking a heron in flight. After making contact they both plummeted to the sea. The Eagle got out but could not get the heron out of the water. After trying for a while it gave up and the heron floated away, only being able to move it's head.

    Right now is the time that young hawks are migrationg about. Maybe this gull was also a victim of an unsuccessful attack?

  6. Ruben Vicente said:

    11/02/2012 14:06

    This is such an impressive image! Really makes one think about it. Peace and sadness come to my mind. I second Bruno about the viking funeral.