Jaak Põder - Red Eyes


When the light started to turn nice I was taking pics of male jumping spider. He was not cooperating too well — I tried to tell him that the light is good so please come to the sun but he was upside down in the shade under the leaf and was doing more or less nothing. As it was darn hot evening and sweat was getting on my glasses, I sat up and wiped them. And after putting them back on noticed this lady watching me, being few leaves from the male. Contrary to the male she was very cooparative and let me take full advantage of the evening tones. Next day she showed me how the egg shelter is built, but that’s already another story.

Location: Järvamaa, Estonia

Tags: evarcha acurata, female, hüpikämblik, jaak poder, jumping spider, salticidae

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  1. Sven Zacek said:

    04/08/2011 09:32

    Wow, what a beauty! Already in its own right, but light makes her even prettier. Plus the angle of light is really amazing creating stripes of shadow and light on the leaf.

  2. India said:

    12/05/2016 14:24

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