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These last few days Norway has been in a communal shock after the horrendous attack on our democracy. My peaceful and safe home has been turned into a shaking leaf of sorrow. Norway has been named the best country to live in by the UN. It has also been named the best nature-tourism destination of the world by NG-Traveller, and still a boy can grow up in this country and become one of the worst mass-murderers in history. His goal was to change our country, its politics and our democracy. I think he has already lost. The same day as the attack, 22/7-2011, Norway answered; “we will have more democracy and we will take our freedom back”. I believe one of the survivors from the shooting at the youth gathering, a 19 year old girl, said it better than anyone when she answered CNN on their questions about how Norway should react; “When one man could cause so much evil – think about how much love we can create together.” Norway is the best country in the world!

Location: Norway

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  1. Sandra said:

    02/08/2011 10:19


  2. Sven Zacek said:

    04/08/2011 09:30

    I was absolutely devastated to hear that news, because Norway is one of my favourite countries and I hope that saying you referred to becomes a classic quote.

  3. vattenskada said:

    22/01/2014 08:51

    super amazing !!