Jaak Põder - Acrobatics


Crab spider… Its leg work rocks doing the splits. Besides that, they can be white one day and green or red or yellow few days later — by wanting it.

Guys and gals, here comes also one question with this pic. If you can wish for one attribute or one ability for yourself from any animal on our planet, what and from which animal would it be?

Location: Järvamaa, Estonia

Tags: crab spider, jaak poder, krabiämblik, summer, Thomisidae

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  1. Roy Mangersnes said:

    31/07/2011 11:36

    Easy - bird - flying. It would save me from spending to much time on airports :-)

    Great shot by the way!

  2. Marion Kraschl said:

    31/07/2011 13:34

    Genial, erinnert mich an eine Ballettänzerin.

    VG Marion

  3. Werner said:

    31/07/2011 17:01

    Hey Spiderman, sorry for being offline yesterday! You certainly could have used one of my pics, but this way is much better for me, because now I can see your fantastic image! And I agree with Roy: Of course a bird. Perhaps an Arctic Tern, they come around a lot...

  4. Bruno said:

    01/08/2011 00:28

    Wow, it looks like a Leviathan. Fantastic frame and the title fits perfectly. Glad that you posted today! ;-)

  5. Frederik said:

    01/08/2011 11:21

    It is amazing how translucent these spiders are.

    I feel I would like to be able to walk as quietly as a leopard, makes it easyer to get close to wildlife ;-)

  6. Jaak Põder said:

    11/08/2011 18:31

    I agree that the flight of a bird is pretty tempting. I'd go for falcon or swallow for the speed, but tern is also good for marathon :-).

    Then again, there are some other very tempting options.

    * 'sonar' used by bats for moving in total darkness
    * jump like a flea 200x it's body length and tolerating that force
    * sight of an eagle to spot anything kilometers away
    * last but not least, the butterfly 'straw' to sip wine while watching TV without having to raise the glass :-).

  7. Sven Zacek said:

    14/08/2011 15:33

    For me it would also be flying. Being able to blast through the forest like a Ural owl or swoop by over the treetops like a swallow would be very special. Of course I would need to do that with a human brain attached, which would enable me to appreciate that feeling.