Emmanuel Boitier - The tree


I cannot refrain from thinking that this tree and this mountain (Quinag, 808 m ASL) plays every evening a ceaselessly and always renewed show, the game of life, made with light, clouds and wind. I was happy to attend one of these shows. Scotland is one of these countries where the link which binds people to nature is most authentic, most almost spiritual.

Location: Assynt, Scotland

Tags: cloud, Emmanuel Boitier, highlands, Landscape, light, mountain, scotland, sunrise, tree

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  1. Bruno said:

    01/08/2011 00:29

    This is really gorgeous, Emmanuel. I love the different planes and color tones. Great

  2. Viiu Härm Rummo said:

    01/08/2011 02:21

    I share your thoughts, I admire your photo!

  3. Theo said:

    01/08/2011 13:00

    Nice mood and beautiful light. The central position of the tree works very well here.

  4. Oriol Alamany said:

    07/08/2011 09:58

    Absolutely beautiful, I like the mood.

  5. Kolbjorn said:

    08/08/2011 12:05

    What a fantastic frame of a lonely tree, also the low sky touching the mountain top, and the light, beautiful

  6. Sven Zacek said:

    14/08/2011 15:35

    The bold composition along with different dimensions of light make this simple, but graphic photo work! I have never been to Scotland, but it is on my list.