Heike Odermatt - Common Eider


One of the common eider males from Longyearbean (Svalbard). You can find the common eider colony close to the dog cages. The eiders have chosen this place because they are more safe for the Arctic Foxes between the dogs.

Location: Svalbard

Tags: Common eider, male, svalbard

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  1. Werner said:

    29/07/2011 13:13

    Very unusual image of an Eider Duck. I like the colors and the light - really good!

  2. Kolbjorn said:

    29/07/2011 14:10

    Just such a fantastic light up there, must go sometime, nice dim effect of foreground, nice colours, quite common in Norway the eider, but hard to get good photos of, loved this one.

  3. Sven Zacek said:

    14/08/2011 15:36

    I love such photos that include environment in a way that makes you just want to be there. And this photo does that beuaituflly with the melting snow on the mountains slopes behind the male Eider.