Sandra Bartocha - The Wave


A small detail of nature – captured in 1/13 of a second …

Location: Ahrenshoop, Germany

Tags: abstract, sandra bartocha, water, wave

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  1. Paul said:

    22/07/2011 11:31

    That is spectacular!

  2. Òscar Domínguez said:

    22/07/2011 13:05

    No words... really original... Just congrats and greetings from Barcelona :-)

  3. Willy said:

    22/07/2011 15:57

    The choice of time exposure is perfect.
    Wonderful shot.

  4. Werner said:

    22/07/2011 19:01

    A dream of a summer evening at the sea - perfect (again)!

  5. Luciano said:

    24/07/2011 20:00

    I saw this image the same day you posted and I was fascinated from it: perfect also for my eyes, an emotional, small dream....

  6. Theo said:

    24/07/2011 21:58

    Lovely! It is just a wave but you turned it into a piece of art.

  7. Bruno said:

    01/08/2011 00:30

    I second all the comments above. Sandra, IMHO, this is one of your strongest images ever! Congrats!!!

  8. Sandra said:

    01/08/2011 19:13

    @ bruno
    thanks. *humble*
    but one of my strongest images ever? a wave? :)