Emmanuel Boitier - Apollo


The Apollo seems to be the fruit of the unlimited imagination of a Japanese painter. In small keys of powder, its wings are a real painting, even more a masterpiece. Black on white, as an elegant calligraphy, and red ocelles, just like a hanko, the signature of the artist.

But beauty does not guarantee eternity, the situation of this mountainous butterfly becomes worrisome. It disappears inexorably from the lowest massifs: global warming appears to be one of the main driving forces.

Location: Auvergne, France

Tags: black, butterfly, detail, Emmanuel Boitier, ocelle, parnassius apollo, red, White, wing

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  1. Carlos Acín said:

    15/07/2011 19:07

    I'm so sorry for all the beauties we have known (and others we have not even been saw by extinction), and that inevitably disappear over the years, hopefully I'm wrong, because beauties like this should not be missed. A great shot Emmanuel.

  2. Bruno said:

    19/07/2011 20:29

    Emmanuel, I must admit I have a soft spot for this species. I appreciate you pointing out the conservation issue and like your straightforward composition. It reminds indeed Japanese design! I find the abdomen and hairs a bit too sharp and thus slightly disturbing in the frame.

  3. Mögel said:

    22/01/2014 08:52

    I love it !!!