Luciano Gaudenzio - Lady’s Slipper Orchid in wood


I long wanted to make this picture from above, with a band of light in the horsetail’s undergrowth and the Lady’s Slipper Orchid, the most beautiful of our mountains, small and set to lead the eye on the whole scene: a ladder helped me in order..

Tags: dolomites, dolomiti, friulane, light, luciano gaudenzio, wood

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  1. Roy said:

    06/07/2011 09:53

    This is a perfect habitat image of a Lady's Slipper Orchid. Love it!

  2. Sandra said:

    06/07/2011 11:15

    this composition is somehow familiar ... love the horsetail forest and that single lady slipper plant ...
    not sure about the dominance of the tree though ... but the longer i look at the image the more i like it. :)

  3. Roberto said:

    06/07/2011 15:23

    An amazing shot, unusual as .... is usual for you. I like the contrast between the strongness of the tree and the delicate flower in the back. The diagonal light moves and gives deep of field at all the scene.
    Weel done Luciano!

  4. Werner said:

    16/07/2011 10:26

    Great image, a picture with a story, a picture for the second look.

  5. Bruno said:

    19/07/2011 20:33

    Luciano, you know I really like this one. It's a classic product of Gaudenzio's genius! :-D
    Still, I find the light on the stem a bit too harsh and contrasted to fit pleasantly in the whole frame. Surely, you needed the light on the horsetail... But, still...

  6. Luciano said:

    20/07/2011 22:25

    Thank's all, thank's (and close embrace...) Bruno!
    I'm totally agreed with you about light, unfortunely the light comes there later than I want, so this is the "best" result for it....
    A suggestion...: do you think that a warmer white balance could help or not?

  7. Werner said:

    20/07/2011 23:35

    Well, I don't think so. Perhaps you could make it a little bit more "lovely" with a warmer white balance, but for me the reason why I like this image is the fact that the lady's slipper - usually the "star" of an image - is so reduced inside the composition. It's a not an easy to "swallow" composition, but, at least in my opinion, it's courageous, and from there i love it!

  8. Bruno said:

    21/07/2011 09:56

    Werner, I see what you mean. Perhaps, it would work better with an even more wide-angle perspective..? I mean moving the tree from the right frame border toward the center and photographing the scene from a more distant point of view. Or, light-wise, some fog? Well, Luciano, you have exactly one year to think about it! ;-))) Hug zurück, Bruno

  9. Luciano said:

    24/07/2011 20:03

    This year the orchid was completely under-water...damn this-year-weather... :(
    thank's a lot for suggestions!

  10. Stephen S said:

    17/08/2011 14:16

    Very nice, I love your choice of composition.