Bruno D'Amicis - Chamois sunrise


Who knows me, knows that I love Apennine chamois. Always on the move to pursue them with my camera, I explored all the corners of the Central Apennines in Italy to get different shots of these amazing animals. Here a female with two kids (ie. newborn animals) is moving on a very thin ridge, silhouetted against the waters of the Adriatic Sea at sunrise. Even though we were above 2000m asl, the sea and summer are not far away.

Tags: abruzzi, apennine chamois, bruno damicis, endangered, italy, mountains, rupicapra pyrenaica ornata, summer

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  1. Marta Mas said:

    05/07/2011 20:39

    It took my breath away, perfect!

  2. Luciano said:

    06/07/2011 09:42

    Do you know, I really like it....

  3. Òscar Domínguez said:

    08/07/2011 21:01

    Really nice silhouette.

  4. Theo said:

    09/07/2011 22:17

    Great light and great timing, I like it very much.

  5. Werner said:

    16/07/2011 14:28

    The perfect moment - what a great situation! A wonderful example for animals in their environment.

  6. Sven Zacek said:

    25/07/2011 12:29

    Simply stunning!