Werner Bollmann - Small World


Wet places on clearcuttings in the north are sometimes covered with carpets of haircap moss. When you lie on the ground for a while, you suddenly discover a whole world en miniature: There are hills and valleys, forests and meadows. It’s great fun and even a little adventure to explore this foreign world with the camera – welcome to Liliput!

Location: Finland

Tags: double exposure, finland, haircap moss, macro, moss, mosses, werner bollmann

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  1. Sandra said:

    04/07/2011 09:50

    This is amazing. It's like a microcosm of moss soldiers. Love the colour and the technique.

  2. Marta Mas said:

    04/07/2011 18:55

    It looks like a yellow forest, made with fire... very curious!

  3. Bruno said:

    08/07/2011 10:37

    Wow, this is so cool! I've never seen such a moss field!

  4. Theo said:

    09/07/2011 22:18

    The essence of macro photography is discovering new worlds. You managed to do that, nice picture.

  5. Sven Zacek said:

    25/07/2011 12:28

    Capturing something small and showing it in large format is half the victory in macro photography. The other half is nailing the composition and really creating a photo with a story. You have done great on both fronts.