Sven Začek - Awwww!


Forgive me for posting such an old photo. There are, however, two reasons for it. And no, one of them is not the fact that I haven’t been out and have nothing new to show. I have, later though. Instead the first reason is that, wherever I show this picture it brings out the “Awwww!” reaction. I have a couple of more such pictures, but I think this was my first one. The other reason is that this photo appeared on the cover of the very first LoFo nature photography magazine and now LoFo is back from a two year break and embracing the next chapter as a digital magazine.

Location: Estonia

Tags: cute, rainfall, red fox, summer, sven zacek, vulpes vulpes

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  1. Gunnar Falk said:

    03/07/2011 07:08

    Ah....outstanding, I love it...well done Sven!

  2. Matis Vaht said:

    03/07/2011 11:43

    oh yeah this is really awwwww!
    Awesome shot!

  3. Marta Mas said:

    04/07/2011 18:45

    this picture makes me feel it's me who is in front of the little fox, not you. Thanks for share, it's so sweet, aaawwww :)

  4. Theo said:

    09/07/2011 22:20

    Very very cute!

  5. Jaak Põder said:

    11/08/2011 17:48

    i remember when we were thinking of the cover image for the very first issue of Lofo and this stood out at once -- being cute, with a mood and nice contrasty colours. Even though new issues came out, it remained Lofo's 'poster' image for the whole period of paper Lofo. And even though I've looked at it probably hundreds of times, this photo still has the freshness in it.

  6. Ana Feliciano said:

    10/02/2014 00:04

    this is gorgeous! is there a way to buy a print of this?