Werner Bollmann - Razorbills


Razorbills are very often overseen at the birdcliffs. The funny puffins, the agile kittiwakes, the big shags and gannets – all of them push themselves to the fore. On this picture I really love the stern facial expression of the three – they look like a gang of bandits.

Location: Norway

Tags: alca torda, Norway, razorbill, razorbills, seabirds, werner bollmann

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  1. Marta Mas said:

    20/06/2011 00:34

    they are like a perfect draw. All the shades are in harmony.

  2. Sandra said:

    21/06/2011 09:39

    i think this is one of the best razorbill images i've seen so far ... three colours and great lines. this is really a great graphic image.

  3. Bruno said:

    21/06/2011 11:10

    I really like this one, the three colours, the tight composition, yet very well balanced. Great!

  4. Sven Zacek said:

    27/06/2011 18:54

    A nice trio! The white stripes really make a strong composition.