Meelis Kivirand - New Day


I enjoy mornings and specially the ones when you are lucky to witness the sun rise.

Location: Estonia

Tags: bog, fog, meelis kivirand, pine

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  1. Knut-Sverre Horn said:

    08/06/2011 16:07

    Nice sunrise, and no overdone colour saturation - thank you!

    I think it is a bit tightly cropped, though, both top and bottom.

  2. Sven Zacek said:

    08/06/2011 17:31

    Early mornings are now the only possible times to venture outside with the heat wave that we are expereincing right now. Phew! I wish for winter already. Well, autumn will also do...

  3. Sandra said:

    08/06/2011 18:47

    @ sven. ;-))
    i agree completely.
    go winter. :)

    i like the crop though ... and the colour and the mood ... and i really envy you guys for having such great landcsapes around ...
    i'm still sticking with estonia for the first naturephotoblog meeting. :))